Testing wordpress 3.5.1

Hi, the Fellowship blogs test instance has been upgraded to the latest wordpress release (http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_3.5).

Please log in at https://blogs-test.fsfe.org/wp-login.php and give it a try (feel free to experiment, all data are a replication of the production database).


  • The atahualpa theme has been upgraded too
  • Some new antispam plugins have been installed; see this wiki page for details
  • The nextgen-gallery plugin for gallery management has been installed
  • The sociable plugin is not fully supported in WP3.5.1; if you find problems, you can use one of the following alternatives:
    • Use the Pome theme: it supports many social network buttons by default; you can configure them in Settings -> Social Media
    • Activate the rtsocial plugin
    • Activate the addthis plugin

    Please report problems or suggestions!

  • The flattr plugin is not supported in WP3.5.1. You can use the “Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons” plugin instead, and enable the flattr button (go to Settings -> Really Simple Share)
    Please report problems or suggestions!

Please send your feedback to fellowship-hackers@fsfeurope.org

New blog theme: Pome

A new theme for the Fellowship blogs is available: the “Pome” theme, created by one of our Fellows: Mark Lindhout! You can read more about the theme at Mark’s blog.

If you want to try it, just log into your blog dashboard, click on “Appearance” in the left menu, then click on the “Pome” theme screenshot to preview it; then you can activate it clicking on the top-right link.

The theme is already usable, but of course improvements are welcome! You can send your feedback to Mark, and even contribute code: our custom themes are in the fsfe-blogs Fellowship subversion repository; you can find more information about it in the Blog project wiki page and information on the Pome project in the Pome theme wiki page.

Blogs upgraded

The Fellowship blogging platform has been upgraded to the latest release of WordPress (3.2.1); we also upgraded all plugins and the atahualpa theme.

You can find more information about using the blogs on the “Blogs” page of our wiki, and send your suggestions for improvements to fellowship-hackers (at) fsfeurope (dot) org

Happy blogging!

Blogs upgraded! More information on the wiki

The upgrade of the blogging platform has been performed successfully, thanks for your patience!

Warning: depending on the level of customisation of your blog, you might need to make some adjustments: please read the intructions at the page http://wiki.fsfe.org/Blogs/WP3.

You can find general information about the Fellowship blogs service at

Happy blogging!

Blog service upgrade

Dear Fellows, after last week’s upgrade of the Fellowship wiki and jabber services, we are now going to upgrade the Fellowship blog service blogs.fsfe.org.

On Friday 26 November, starting from 18.00 CET and for about 3 hours, the blog system will be in read-only mode. This will also affect our blog aggregator at planet.fsfe.org.

Additional information will be posted here on the Fellowship News blog.

Thanks for your patience!

Fellowship jabber: got firewall?

For those of you sitting behind firewalls or proxies that block connections to the standard jabber/XMPP ports, the Fellowship jabber server now accepts connections also on ports 80 and 443.

To use this feature, just configure your jabber client to use port 80 or 443 instead of the standard port 5222, leaving all other settings unchanged.

Note: since some ISPs may block outgoing non-http traffic on port 80, port 443 is more likely to work. In both cases, the server enforces a secure TLS connection.

Want to learn more about jabber and other Fellowship services? See http://wiki.fsfe.org/FellowshipServices

Jabber service: scheduled downtime

We are finally ready to replace the old Fellowship jabber/XMPP server with a new one! This will imply a short downtime, so the jabber service will be unavailable starting from Sunday 18 October at 10:00 CET, for about 30 minutes.

After that, to use the new server, you will only have to change the password setting in your jabber client, replacing the old jabber-specific password with your usual Fellowship password (the one used to access all other Fellowship services).

You can learn more about the jabber service at http://wiki.fsfe.org/Jabber, and stay informed about the status of the Fellowship services following the Fellowship News blog.

New Fellowship jabber server, please test

Dear Fellows, as some of you may know, we are about to replace the current Fellowship jabber server with a new one, that should improve the quality of our jabber service.

Before switching from the old server, we set up a test instance for the new server, so all Fellows are invited to test it and report any problems and suggestions.

To try the new Fellowship test server, you have to create another profile in your jabber client, using these values:

  • username: your Fellowship username (this is the same username currently used for the Fellowship jabber account).
  • domain: jabbertest.fsfe.org (so your complete jabber account on the test
    server will be: YOURUSERNAME@jabbertest.fsfe.org)
  • password: your current Fellowship password, that is: the one used to access all other Fellowship services (please note that this is different from the password currently used for the Fellowship jabber server)
  • jabber server: jabbertest.fsfe.org
  • port: you can use the standard jabber port 5222, or the (deprecated) port 5223; the server will enforce a secure SSL connection in both cases

When you connect to the server, you may get a warning about the SSL certificate (we are re-using the same SSL certificate that we use on the old jabber server), please ignore this at the moment and accept the certificate.

Once connected to the new server, you can find your usual contacts (all have been automatically converted to @jabbertest.fsfe.org), search for other jabber users using the jabber user directory: vjud.jabbertest.fsfe.org, enter the fellowship chatroom, and do the usual things you do in jabber; feel free to mess up with the data on this test server, as they won’t be used in the new official Fellowship server.

Please report your feedback, and especially any problems you may encounter, to fellowship-hackers@fsfeurope.org

As soon as we make sure that everything works fine, we will announce at https://blogs.fsfe.org the timeline and instructions for switching to the new server.

Thanks for your support!

Fellowship GA seat election results

It has been an interesting time since FSFE added a Fellowship representation to the General Assembly (GA). Torsten Grote, Jan-Hendrik Peters, Michel Roche, and Björn Schießle emerged from the candidacy period, as the first four Fellows running for the election.

The one month election period ended, and you can see the election results on the official FSFE site.

Thanks to all Fellows who participated in the whole process and made this a valuable experience for the Fellowship and for FSFE.