Server and mailing list outage, May 4-17

Dear all,

on the evening of Tuesday May 4, the data center which hosts our web and mail servers suffered a power failure. As a consequence, the servers running FSFE’s mail services – the forwarding, mailing lists and FSFE’s internal mail system – suffered hardware damage.

In the evening of Wednesday May 5, related problems caused FSFE’s web server to go offline.

Since the problems started, our system administrators have been working hard to fix the problem, reinstate basic mail services, and get FSFE’s website back online.

Recovering the mailing lists proved to be a trickier task. Only this Monday evening (May 17) were we able to get the mailing lists back online.

Mails sent to our mailing lists during the outage were stored on the server, and are now being delivered.

This sort of outage clearly shouldn’t happen. As a consequence, we have moved our servers to a different hosting facility with more reliable services. We are now reviewing and adapting our setup to make sure that outages will be extremely rare in future, and that we are able to recover more quickly from those outages that do occur.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this prolonged outage. Thank you for your understanding, and for your continued support of our work.

Kind regards,

Karsten Gerloff

President, Free Software Foundation Europe