Testing wordpress 3.5.1

Hi, the Fellowship blogs test instance has been upgraded to the latest wordpress release (http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_3.5).

Please log in at https://blogs-test.fsfe.org/wp-login.php and give it a try (feel free to experiment, all data are a replication of the production database).


  • The atahualpa theme has been upgraded too
  • Some new antispam plugins have been installed; see this wiki page for details
  • The nextgen-gallery plugin for gallery management has been installed
  • The sociable plugin is not fully supported in WP3.5.1; if you find problems, you can use one of the following alternatives:
    • Use the Pome theme: it supports many social network buttons by default; you can configure them in Settings -> Social Media
    • Activate the rtsocial plugin
    • Activate the addthis plugin

    Please report problems or suggestions!

  • The flattr plugin is not supported in WP3.5.1. You can use the “Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons” plugin instead, and enable the flattr button (go to Settings -> Really Simple Share)
    Please report problems or suggestions!

Please send your feedback to fellowship-hackers@fsfeurope.org