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GNU Devroom at FOSDEM 2011 (Brussels)

The GNU dev room at FOSDEM 2011 was great, the room had 100 seats and every talk was packed out with people standing at the sides.

The GNU talks were:

Org-Mode: your life in plain text by Bastien Guerry on the amazing personal organizer mode for emacs

Dynamic hacking with Guile by Andy Wingo on the new release of Guile 2.0 and hacking a twitter clone (“Peeple”) live in 15 minutes using Guile’s new web framework – amazing,.

GNU Autotools by Ralf Wildenhues with lots of useful tips for autoconf and automake.

GNU Network Security Labyrinth by Simon Josefsson, a nice tutorial on how different security protocols have developed over time, in order to solve the problems with earlier attempts.

GNU recutils: your data in plain text by Jose E. Marchesi, tools to work with your data on the command-line.

There were also two talks from FSF Europe,

Power, Freedom, Software. Why we need to divide and re-conquer our systems by Karsten Gerloff.

Non-free software advertisement – presented by your government by Matthias Kirschner, about the successful campaign.

Thanks to José and Andy for organising the day, it was a great set of topics.


Karsten Gerloff talking about freedom and the cloud.


Simon Josefsson finishing his talk


The room