Free Software with a Female touch

Yes! We have bananas!

Actually are not bananas exactly, but I am writing today to announce the new FSFLA’s website, I just thought the bananas would be more attractive. :)

If you’re curious, try to access: — I hope our DNS is already propagated to yours.

Thanks FSFE for providing the vserver, and Jonas, who was really patient with me :)


3 Responses to “Yes! We have bananas!”

  1. smc Says:

    Hmmmm Bananas…

    With peanut butter I hope ;-) works fine by the way.

  2. michael_kallas Says:

    Who cares about bananas?

    I don’t think you would’ve had to hide under those banana boxes.
    Everybody in here is probably very interested in FSFLA progress!
    Best wishes

  3. reinhard Says:

    FSF Europe link

    I noticed that the “FSF Europe” link at the right points to – it might be better to point to, which is the official page.