PDFReaders 2.0 – Your help is needed!

Hi everyone,

we are currently preparing a major update to PDFReaders.org, adding:

  • a more appealing and cleaner “home”-page, with one recommendation for the auto-detected platform
  • Free pdf reader recommendations for mobile platforms
  • Free pdf browser plugin recommmendations
  • BUT, we need some help with gathering/verifying information, deciding what to recommend…

    Please have a look at the current Reader-Overview and the TODOs there.

    Please tell us…

  • if you know any other Free pdf readers that we haven’t listed, yet (for any plaform, but especially OSX and iOS)
  • which Android reader you would recommend
  • any other ideas you might have!
  • You can reach us via mail or comment directly in the blog. If you have an account at the fellowship-wiki you can commit changes to the overview directly.

    Thanks for your help!

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    1. I would like to support Erik Albers’s point that only offering a single recommendation on the homepage somewhat defeats the recent work asking people to stop the Adobe adverts;

      - and also note that the viewing platform may not be the one we want a recommendation for.

      Please could we keep the home page vendor and platform neutral?

    2. We are vendor neutral and platform neutral, because we advertise neither vendors nor platforms. We already recommend readers right now and have since a long time (maybe you have js disabled, so you didn’t notice). This does not doesn’t limit choice (all readers are going to be available at most one click away), it only gives a recommendation for those users, that would otherwise not try out any, because they don’t know how to decide [this actually does happen quite a lot].

      If you want to discuss this further, please subscribe to the pdfreaders-list.

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