my awesome (wm) config

Since quite a few people have been asking me for my awesome config, I thought I’d upload it.

For those of you who don’t know awesome, check it out, it’s awesome! SCNR

Main differences from the default are:

  • remove all panels and stuff, because they are ugly
  • load xfce4-panel instead, because it’s light, but provides stuff like mpd-controls &c
  • create 12 tags (virtual desktops)
  • bind certain type of applications to certain desktops
  • map Meta to ALt instead of Winkey, because my main kbd doesn’t have a winkey
  • map the tags to F* instead of the number keys, so I get tags with Alt+F* (original unix style)
  • use cairo-compmgr where available (unfortunately not on FreeBSD) and pre-start some other stuff (e.g. launchy for running things)

  • Thats basically it. I have thought about using shifty for dynamic tagging, but haven’t gotten around to trying it, yet.

    Here it is: rc.lua
    (in case you consider that bit of code as (c)-able I hereby release into CC0 / public domain)

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    1. Neat!
      Thanks for the awesome² dotfile. I have to get mine working again and publish it as well.

      BTW, I’ve found it really useful to store my dotfiles in a Git repository, so when I mess something up (what happens with e.g. exactly Awesome often with me), I can get it back.

      • Yeah, I thought about that, too, a couple of times. Although I am more of a SubVersioN-person. But maybe just, because of the name ;)

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