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Why I am not using Grindr

Grindr is proprietary software that only runs on Android and iOS. It also depends on a centralized server infrastructure that stores data in unencrypted form. The company that hosts Grindr, Amazon is known for violating users privacy. Grindr also sends data to Third-Party Websites and is known for sharing users HIV status without their consent. The terms of use and privacy policy are much too long (about 50 pages), therefore most users don’t read them. If a user has read only parts of those terms, they should become suspect that Grindr violates their privacy and not use the service. I think that sensitive information should be visible only to the intended recipients and not the administrators of any servers or routers, therefore I never use Grindr.

To share such sensitive information I could only use copylefted free software such as GNUnet, which has strong privacy guarantees. In GNUnet every communication is end to end encrypted and metadata leakage is minimized. This is important today where secret services such as the NSA kill on metadata. GNUnet provides social scalability while protecting metadata and it allows users to have multiple unlinkable Egos. It also uses public key cryptography which is inherently more secure than using passwords. Systems such as Alovoa still use passwords and depend on email which is unencrypted by default. Even if used with GPG email leaks metadata. Since GNUnet is a peer to peer network no centralized servers storing data of millions of users are needed. It also provides a replacement for centralized identity providers such as Facebook that act as a kind of password store. When you send personal data to Facebook, the NSA gets the data anyway and they can abuse it for killing people. Please do not do that.