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Decentalized Social Networks and Voice Chat over XMPP

I dont use Skype, because it requires the use of a client program that is not . Instead I use Pidgin and XMPP+Jingle. As XMPP has federation support, it can be used to talk to users that are on a differnt server. XMPP is an Open Standard, that can be implemented using free software. As a Fan of Free Culture Anime with Free Software, I do have an XMPP account at By using an Open Standards Animexx contributes to distributed social networks. All Fellows can talk to all users of and vice versa, without needing any nonfree software.

But there are many other Open Standards such as OAuth. GNU MediaGoblin, a free software for building federated social networks, implements OAuth beginning in version 0.6. I’ve created my own instance for sharing music that is made with a free replacement for VOCALOID such as eCantorix or v.Connect-STAND. I have set up this instance of GNU MediaGoblin to avoid using centralized sites such as Youtube and Nico Nico Douga. MediaGoblin is also used by cosplayers that want to share their photos.

Eine deutsche Version des Posts findet sich auf meinem Animexx Weblog