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Hardware freedom

Ten companies that do support free software, in some cases the hardware is free too:
1    Lemote sells netbooks with a free BIOS
2    ThinkPenguin sells Hardware with GNU Linux-libre support
3    Via makes Mainboards compatible with coreboot
4    Qi hardware makes  Copyleft hardware
5    XESS makes Hard and Software licensed under GPL and Creative Commons licenses
6    Fritzing Fab allows you to create your own hardware
7    Golden Delicious Computers is not Defective by Design
8    OLIMEX makes Arduino Clones and embedded GNU/Linux hardware
9    Make Play Live makes GNU/Linux based tablets
10   Archos sells Android and GNU/Linux tablets

No free Software (except some HID devices)
1   Apple iPad is Defective By Design
2   Nintendo DSi is Defective by DESiGN
3   Microsoft has it’s Windows 7 Sins
4   Sony PlayStation 3 is incompatible with free software and ran Open Source Linux
5   OpenPandora is incompatible with free software and runs Open Source Linux

Instead of using Open Source Software with Open Hardware, it is better to use copylefted free hard and software.