Starting a new blog

I started to write a new blog today. If you read this post, you found it. 🙂

Although I already run the blog softmetzbetrieb I always felt that mixing up different written languages on one blog site sucks. Yet there is a need for me to publish some posts in english because the Free Software Movement is international and english is the only language I know to reach this audience.

Painting "The Tower of Babel" by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1526/1530–1569)
A naive approach to tackle this problem would be to post everything in english. But since I am a native german I also want to get my content into the german-speaking sphere. I just don’t want to require every german-speaking individual to read english posts from a German person.

After some thinking I came to the conclusion, that having an english blog on Free Software here would be beneficial. I will try to also translate all stuff posted here to german and repost it on softmetzbetrieb.

So in the end softmetzbetrieb will be my personal germanophone content aggregator and personal blog while this blog is focused on Free Software stuff in english.