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It’s NotABug …

As Gitorious recently faded away, we have been searching for a Git Hosting solution for our FSFE Localgroup Zurich. We have evaluated several options including self-hosting. The latter has been tested with a software called GitBucket but it seems that a lot of recourses are required for that. At least it does not work well on my Atom-based Server.

Luckily we have discovered a hosting service that respects User Freedom called NotABug. It is based on a Free Software solution called gogs and has a lot of features, e.g. the ability to create and manage organizations. I have already started to port our repositories. Some of them are public and some private.

If you are interested in setting up a manageable Git repository, please give gogs a try, either by installing it on your own server or by joining a hosting solution like NotABug. Hopefully it will be possible to install a Git hosting service on a Freedombox as well in the near future.