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Freed-ora 23 Workstation available

Yesterday, Fedora 23 has been released. In line with this, I have prepared a Freed version, which includes linux-libre kernel and Icecat webbrowser. All proprietary firmware has been removed.

If you want to give it a try, feel free to download the ISO image. The sha256 checksum can be found here.

The image is based on the Fedora 23 Workstation release which contains GNOME as default desktop environment. The Freed-ora repository has been added already for your convenience. Thanks to Alexandre Oliva for his great work on the repo.

Just in case you are curious about how it’s build, please take a look at the freed-ora.ks file. You can also modify it, according to your needs, e.g. create a Spin based on the Xfce version of Fedora. The build itself can be started with:

livecd-creator --verbose --config=freed-ora.ks --fslabel=Freed-ora-23-x86_64 --cache =/var/cache/live

Besides that, I want to thank for his help on building the live image.

4 Responses to “Freed-ora 23 Workstation available”

  1. Alex Haydock Says:

    Hi Marcus. Just wanted to say thanks for your work on this fantastic project.

    Is there a changelog available which highlights the complete set of differences between Freedora releases and their Fedora counterparts? I think this would be quite useful.

  2. mmoeller Says:

    I have updated the blog post and added the source ks file plus some build instructions. Happy Hacking!

  3. anonymous Says:

    File not found

    The specified document has not been found on the server.

  4. mmoeller Says:

    Should work again. Please retry.

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