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My internship at FSFE

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Starting with this week I am doing an internship at Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) working in the berlin group of the german team.
My first project is about the german elections 2009 and what our fellow politicians think about Free Software.
I am also planing a wokrshop with the topic “Women and (Free) Software”. I am happy about suggestions.
I can be found at Identica now.
As can the FSFE by the way.
The bureau is a little improvised at the moment: Internet only workes with UMTS, during rain it doesn’t work at all. There’s wires all over the place and through the rooms and the chairs are not very comfy.
We expect the furniture, DSL and a waterboiler to arrive next week. Hooray!
The best is that I can use my own computer and I really like the atmosphere within the team.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!







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