Two pieces of software that I’m grateful for…

It’s I love Free Software Day again! …and again I have not written anything in advance. But there’s still time – in my timezone there still is almost an hour left before midnight. Plenty of time for a shout-out to two pieces of software that I hold dear. Okular First, I’d like to thank the Read more »

WikiCaretakers Sprint 2016

As many of you will have come to notice, this year has seen some changes to the FSFE wiki pages. I’m quite late to write about this, but better late than never … First of all, in February the MoinMoin wiki has been upgraded to a newer version (and, more visibly, to a new stylesheet). Read more »

Celebrating Document Freedom Day in Linz

As mentioned in my previous blog post(post is in German), the Fellowship group of Linz has celebrated Document Freedom Day(DFD) in Linz by hosting a booth with informational materials.

OpenAL: replacing alutLoadWAVFile

Yesterday I finally got around to replacing some deprecated code in a library using  OpenAL. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about: OpenAL is a cross-platform audio API that is specifically designed to blend in with OpenGL based programs. Also, you might not be interested in the rest of this blog Read more »

Card reader ReinerSCT cyberJack pinpad

Yesterday I got my FSFE smartcard. Since I already had a card reader with pinpad lying around (from an earlier Austrian state-initiative called “Bürgerkarte” around 2006), I thought I’d try using my reader with gpg. First off, there are several revisions of the cyberJack, which can be distinguished by their product id: Product ProductID REINER Read more »

First post

Just a short notice about how this blog’s going to be: I’m not going to post regularly. This is mostly for random stuff that could be useful for others (like HOWTOs or experiences with certain hard/software).