WikiCaretakers Sprint 2016

As many of you will have come to notice, this year has seen some changes to the FSFE wiki pages. I’m quite late to write about this, but better late than never …

First of all, in February the MoinMoin wiki has been upgraded to a newer version (and, more visibly, to a new stylesheet). Incidently, around the same time Florian Snow rallied supporters for a new working group, the WikiCaretakers.

This new team is there to improve the general quality of the wiki. Most of the time this means providing help to wiki users which have problems with the sometimes arcane workings of our MoinMoin instance. Additionally, we plan to do annual Wiki Sprints to reorganize information in the wiki and make it more accessible.

Here is what we achieved during our first annual Wiki Sprint in 2016:

  • We tidied up categories and templates
  • Events have been fixed in many cases so that they actually show up in the calendar
  • LocalGroups have been contacted so that their activity status can be shown
  • Namespaces have been overhauled as well – even though there is still room for improvement here. At least we could significantly reduce the number of single pages with no obvious connection to other pages.
  • Many pages from the old have been adopted for the new wiki (but there are still many that remain in the “Migrated” namespace)
  • Page metadata has been improved. E.g. instead of using categories for languages, pages now use MoinMoin-style #language tags …

This list is just off the top of my head – There is probably a lot that I missed.

The WikiCaretakers team is open to all (and not terribly well staffed). You are welcome to join our mailing list any time!

By the way: Even if you don’t join us, nothing stops you from improving the wiki 😉