First Fellowship meeting in Graz

On Thursday June 18 the first Fellowship meeting in Graz took place. The meeting was combined with the meeting of the realraum group and we had quite a few people there. The realraum guys offered that we could use their rooms for our meeting and told us that they are happy about every event taking place there. Since the realraum project has similar goals as the Metalab where the meetings in Vienna take place I liked the idea very much and we decided that for the time being the Graz Fellowship group will combine the Fellowship meetings with the realraum meetings.
At the beginning of the meeting, I gave a short speech to introduce the FSFE and the Fellowship to non-Fellows. After I had told the story of the Freedom Task Force and its activities, a discussion about Free Software Licenses arose and the amazing interest in the legal aspects of Free Software led me to the suggestion to invite someone from the FTF to make a speech on that topic. Since many of the attendees criticised that the IT studies at Graz University of Technology do not offer any courses on legal aspects of information technology, it was proposed to combine the speech with a course called “Social aspects of information technolgy” where the student council can influence the course contents.
I like this idea very much and will keep you updated which new information on that topic. I also hope we will find more topics to cover with speeches since most of the meeting’s attendees said they would like to raise public awareness on Free Software topics.

Google Street View (?) car in Graz

Today, when I was on my way to the Murpark shopping mall, I spotted a red car with a very ostentatious camera construction on its roof which was parked in private parking lot. Since there was no Google logo on its side door (as seen on the car spotted in Vienna), it could also have been a car of the website, which seems to offer a very similar service. Still I wanted to blog about this since this was the first time I spotted one of these funny vehicles :-) Maybe someone can confirm that Google is now on its way through Graz.
Camera car
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