It’s better with GNU/Linux

After ASUS decided to turn their back to GNU/Linux (although GNU/Linux on their Netbooks made them famous), they started a “It’s better with Windoze” campaign. If you want a reason to laugh at something stupid, visit their website with NoScript enabled in Firefox: You won’t be able to click at anything, meaning you can’t even watch the movie in which they explain why M$’s OS is better. Shortly after that campaign was started, someone registered the domain, which is not filled with any content yet. The problem is that this site’s domain just doesn’t sound right.
Funny enough, I recently stumbled upon another site that sounded much better:
It’s not filled with much content either, but at least you can find out how to get GNU/Linux there.
I ask everyone of you to add social bookmarks about this site and link it whereever you can. This site definitely needs more popularity.