TCLAP 1.2.0 – Ubuntu Jaunty

Ubuntu and Kubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 were just released an I’m still building packages for Jaunty?


TCLAP 1.2.0 .deb packages for Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 are available on my PPA. TCLAP is a Templatized C++ Command Line Parser Library

To install it:

Copy the lines below and add them to your system’s software sources. (Read […]

TCLAP 1.1.0 Bug

TCLAP library version 1.1.0 contains a small bug: Including tclap/CmdLine.h more then once (in different files) causes linking errors.

Linking problem is caused by these functions:

TCLAP::OptionalUnlabeledTracker::check TCLAP::MultiSwitchArg::shortID TCLAP::MultiSwitchArg::longID

Declaring these 3 functions as “inline” fixes this bug.

I reported this bug to the author and he answered that this problem has been fixed in […]