Kopete-facebook 0.1.3 – Kubuntu jaunty

Kopete-facebook 0.1.3 and qjson 0.6 .deb packages for Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04 are available on my PPA. To install them see My previous Kopete-facebook post

EDIT: kopete-facebook is now in my backports ppa (see https://blogs.fsfe.org/drdanz/?p=70)

TCLAP 1.1.0 Bug

TCLAP library version 1.1.0 contains a small bug: Including tclap/CmdLine.h more then once (in different files) causes linking errors.

Linking problem is caused by these functions:

TCLAP::OptionalUnlabeledTracker::check TCLAP::MultiSwitchArg::shortID TCLAP::MultiSwitchArg::longID

Declaring these 3 functions as “inline” fixes this bug.

I reported this bug to the author and he answered that this problem has been fixed in […]