A run for FS (I): Destroying the myths surrounding FS

The same way  someone who has never run cannot decide to run a marathon, nobody without any software knowledge can write a computer program. Both goals can be reached with training, effort, willingness and time but also you do not need to run a marathon if you just enjoy jogging as well as you do Read more »

“The proof is in the pudding”, a talk with Anna Morris

During these past months I have not meet so many female fellows, so I was really happy to have the chance to interview Anna Morris, a fellow from UK. Do not misunderstand me: I do not catalogue fellows according to their gender (as I think the gender gap is merely a genetic issue that has Read more »

Social media and the concept of “freedom”

Most of us have been living the advance and development of online journalism and among all, the social media. This tendency that started with blogs and followed with different social media website has been like a volcano. During a couple of years it was growing and growing and then, it exploded and covered and rooted Read more »