Free Sotfware baptism of fire

Recent Ubuntu user, new Debian one and, contrary to what I have always thought, totally computer illiterate. This is how I should define myself in or in the Free Software community. As I am trying to change the former description and I was not proud of having a laptop that came with GNU+linux under Read more »

Libre Android, libre knowledge

Take part in a Free Your Android workshop =√ “Did you get an Android?”, most of you might think. Not  yet  (I might have to ask Santa Claus for one) but guided by the “everyday, something new” ideal, I went to the workshop that Torsten Grote organized last Saturday, during the Software Freedom Day to Read more »

My first time

As both, a new  Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)  intern and Berliner, my adventure started in the best scenario possible: the Campus Party Europe. Although I have heard about it (indeed, I share nationality with the events organisers) it was going to be my first participation in one of these events. The  localisation chosen for Read more »