Welcome to the European Democratic Republic

Special greetings to

- East Germans

- Czechs

- Estonians

- Hungarians

- Latvians

- Lithuanians

- Poles

- Slovaks

- Slovenians


Finally, things start becoming the way as they were before 1990 again.

A big THANK YOU to the patriotic comrades also referred to as MEPs.

To all citiziens of member states not noted above (and the Wessis, of course): GOTCHA, SUCKERS, seems WE did win the Cold War in the end. Now Europe will be like WE ever wanted it to be.


an East German

4 Responses to “Welcome to the European Democratic Republic”

  1. michael_kallas Says:


    Stop trolling.
    Thank you.

    Please see above, was a complete misinterpretation, sorry.

  2. florianhaas Says:

    There is no trolling in here

    Have you actually read the news ?
    The Data-Retention-policy is the wet dream of every police-state:
    you can know who talked when with whom.

  3. incinerator Says:


    Thanks Flo. Anyway, sarcasm is always easy to misread. I’d like to know why someone would call my entry “trolling” though.

  4. michael_kallas Says:

    Ah, that’s what you meant

    Ok, after florians comment I see what you meant.
    And: Well, you’re right, sadly.
    Like I wrote in an earlier comment (https://www.fsfe.org/en/fellows/gerloff/blog/germany_highway_toll_data_agains_terrorism), we (more correctly: our representatives) are fulfilling the terrorist’s goals: shattering democracy at its heart.
    Without context though, your post was completely misinterpreted by me…

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