Mandriva and Bittorrent

…obviously don’t go together very well. Or how else could you explain that Mandriva does not offer bittorrent downloads their latest so-called “free” edition of Mandriva 2006.

I guess that’s reserved for paying customers, and it will give you the opportunity to download iso images that are “beefed” up with non-free software.

Well, why should I bother. I stopped using Mandriva long before it got its current name. However, it is sad to see that so many people are willing to be trapped into non-free software even when they run GNU/Linux. They even pay money for getting free software earlier than others. Lucky me, I don’t have to grok that. I just keep on using Debian, Kubuntu and OpenBSD.

I’d like to know what you think about Mandriva. I’d suggest starting a discussion thread in the forum.