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debian-administration.org and anonymous comments

Monday, November 20th, 2006

So I saw this post at http://www.debian-administration.org/

Now the post itself is not very clueful, but since the site’s webmaster is the only DD I happen to know in meatspace I thought I might add a comment to it. And there came the trouble, one after another:


  1. If you block the site’s cookies, you can’t comment.
  2. If you don’t block the cookies but only post a link to this page, it’ll get caught by the spam filter. Why a link to an official Debian package page should get caught by the spam filter of a Debian-related website is a complete mystery to me.
  3. If you try again, the website gently reminds you that you are a spammer now. And no, it won’t let you post another comment on the site, evar.
  4. Unless you create an account, of course.

Ironically, the original post was made anonymously. And not, I can’t be bothered to open up yet another account for yet another website.

Anyways, to give you the clue: Instead of using that dirrrty dirrrty script the article’s author has provided, you could simply apt-get install ifrename. Users of etch or unstable might want to use aptitude instead of apt-get, of course.