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Québec bans electronic voting

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Good news, read the details here.


Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

I’ve been following planet debian for quite a while now. I occasionally check out the debian-devel and debian-vote mailing lists, as well. The flamewars about the dunc-tank project did not evade my attention.

Many words were written in anger, votes called for, mock projects established, the DPL was re-affirmed and whatnot.

Of course, that did not stop some people to flame further. However, now the true reason for that has emerged. This blogpost shows that some of the opponents of the dunc-tank project don’t seem to be more than jealous hypocrites.

screwed by non-free software

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Triton’s demise is just a perfect example on how relying on non-free software can be disastrous for you, even if the vendor doesn’t actually act maliciously.

 Check this heise.de article for details.