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Still not dead

Day two is over.  How did it go?

Well, I didn’t quite manage to fulfil my expectation of work without any slowdown with KDE 4.  This was mainly due to applications stealing focus with error messages, the on-going problem of Dolphin opening files but throwing an error dialogue up anyway and rooting around for help files.  However, to be fair to all parties concerned, slow down was minimal and some of it was due to me being silly.

KDE 4 is the fastest desktop I have used in a long time.  For things like opening applications, using the file manager and rooting around in the taskbar menu it feels exceptional.  I’m glad to see that; I’ve seriously been wondering how – as computers get faster and pack more memory – my desktops have been feeling as sluggish as they were in 1998.  Well done KDE optimisation ninjas.

The theme is nice.  Earlier I was thinking "it’s great how much of my screen is dedicated to my data" while using Dolphin.  I am also learning some tricks like ‘do not maximise everything when you don’t need to’ and ‘don’t try to drag stuff from the Plasma desktop into applications because it won’t work’. 

Happy all in.  I’m getting excited with this desktop.  Whinging aside, and minor bugs, it’s shaping up to be an interesting experience.