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Thundering along

After some hiccups earlier today, KDE 4 and I are getting along pretty well.  Dolphin and I did some pretty heavy file stuff earlier.  Everything went perfectly on that front.

I’m not getting along with the KATE text editor as well as I had hoped.  We occasionally have disagreements about file names.  It freaks out when trying to "Save as…" a document with a name like "Report: week 20".  Errors pop up and then my file pretends it is actually called "week 20" and has no knowledge of any reports.  What a liar.

I turned off the Desktop Effects earlier.  They are pretty but I think my graphics card is not powerful enough to deal with them.  Some flickering occurred when doing things like maximising and minimising windows.  I found that visually annoying.  Still, it’s worth pointing out that this desktop option was functional, worked without any configuration and pretty much did what I expected…apart from one element.  There was an option for taskbar previews of window contents.  When I turned that on, nothing happened.

One thing I want to do now is change the order of display in the menu favourites.  I love this feature of the technology.  It’s already making life easier for me.  I just want to be able to change the order a little.  Drag and drop didn’t work and it was not immediately obvious which setting might do it.