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An’ here I go again on my own

OK, I stole the title for this blog entry from my friend Ed.  I could not think of anything really smart to kick off day three of KDE on my desktop.

Everything opened.  It worked.  When X cheerfully asked if I want to make KDE 4 my default desktop I paused.  Yes?  No?  I told it no for now.  Let’s see how this week-long trial concludes before making the leap.

In some ways I’m a little guilty.  I’ve been using KDE 4 without really bothering to wander around the features [1].  I’m busy in the office and I just want to work.

At some point I’m going to try using KDE 4 applications instead of my normal applications just to see what the integrated experience is like.  I wonder if KOffice is ported to the new system yet.  That would be interesting.  I usually play with and am quite used to it. 

I’m having a look at the package manager right now.  The system updated itself a moment ago and I was pretty impressed.  I quite like how Adept (in minimal update mode) shows some useful information like the total number of packages installed and so on.  At first glance one might think "goodness, this is not as neat as GNOME" but then one realises "ah, I might want to know this stuff."  This is actually a KDE 3 application.  I miss the pretty KDE 4 theme.  Come back KDE 4.

Looking for Koffice for KDE 4 is not too difficult.  I typed in "Koffice" and I got a bunch of options.  Things like "koffice-date-kde4" present themselves as options, but the primary "koffice" package appears to be only availabe for KDE 3 in my distro.

Oh, I tell a lie.  When I type in "kde4" one of the packages that appeared was the expected "kofffice-kde4".  Excellent.  I wonder why it did not appear on the first search.  Nevermind.  Time to install and use.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


[1] Apart from Plasma.  I know it has features.  I know it’s cool.  I just have no idea how to use it.  Please, Mr KDE Santa, give me documentation…