DFD 2010: rOGGing at ORANGE 94.0

This year’s focus on the document freedom day wasn’t on printable document formats as the years before, but rather on multimedia formats. Why? Because those formats are “documents” as well, and are used daily for storing and exchanging information.

That’s why the FSFE has decided to award some radio stations that provide their program-stream in an open standard format. For audio, that’s “ogg/vorbis”.

In Vienna there is one radio station providing ogg-streams: ORANGE 94.0, an independent free radio station.

So, we (a small group of fellows) put on our newly made “rOGG on!” shirts, grabbed our perfectly designed DFD-cake and went over to the radio station of ORANGE 94.0 to congratulate them for their good work, and celebrate the DFD together.

We were received with a very warm welcome by the nice people at ORANGE 94.0 – including the news that they’ve taken the DFD-award as a reason to upgrade the bandwidth of their ogg/vorbis live stream. Wow! That’s great!

A member of ORANGE 94.0 said that they’re happy to receive the DFD-award and that they’re receiving it not only for them, but substitutionally also for other free radio stations in Austria, that also provide ogg-streams. Other free radio stations transmitting in ogg/vorbis are:

Surprisingly Manfred from Radio Netwatcher was waiting there with audio/video recording equipment in order to record and report about that event in one of the upcoming episodes of Radio Netwatcher.

Since, we assumed that the nice staff at ORANGE 94.0 knows what they’re doing – and why, we didn’t prepare a long speech, so Georg got caught a bit surprised, when Manfred asked him for a few words about “why we are here today”. 🙂 Nevertheless, he did a good job at providing that information instantly.

After we’ve finished the professional foto-shooting session, including highlights like:

  • handing over the DFD 2010 award certificate
  • opening the bottle of champagne
  • cutting the cake

…we’ve provided everyone with enough to eat and drink, and stayed for quite a while, having interesting conversations with ORANGE 94.0 staff members.

Images from the event can be found on the DFD-2010 page in our fellowship wiki: