Finishing the tutorial

Hi all!

I had prepared the next entry of the Android testing tutorial, but I’ve found a tutorial that explains everything about it, even some of the projects that improve the Android test environment, so I’ve decided not reinvent the wheel and stop this tutorial. It’s true that some parts seems more a summary than a tutorial, but there’s nothing essential missing.

I know you will miss my explanations, but, as usual, I don’t have much time and I prefer to blog about new things, so sorry about keeping you in the half of the process


Happy Hacking!

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Happy Birthday GNU!

Hi all,

Some days ago the GNU project got 30 years, and, thinking about all the things that GNU and the free software have given to us I think it’s time to give them a present. It doesn’t have to be money (although they deserve it), but some code, an article, an speech explaining the virtues of the free software, or even installing a free software to a friend or a family member.

In my case, I’m going to renew my membership to fsfeurope and I’m going to publish as free software a project that I’m doing with some partners. And you? Are you going to give a present to GNU/fsf?

Happy Hacking

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Create a test project on Android

Hi all!

As I promised more than a year ago 😉 I’m going to continue the small tutorial about testing on Android. During this year the testing on android has evolved a little bit and now we can see projects, like robotium, that, although they have some errors and features not (well) covered, helps you a lot in the testing process. Said that, let’s start!

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I’m Back!

Hi all!

I know it hass been more than a year without writing anything, but, between my absorving work and the fact that I’m not really good with the written world (and a little bit of lazyness, why no admit it), I didn’t found the time to dedicate to the blog.

Now I’m not going to give promises, but I’m going to try it hard to write at least one post per week, and who knows, maybe once I’ve started to write I can write more often and more fluently.

Well, you’ll have notices from me during this week.

Happy Hacking!

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Testing on Android

Hi all!

As you might know if you follow my blog I’m working at Schibsted, and one of the projects we are developing is an Android application to access to the classifieds websites of the company (like,,, …). One of the ideas that defines our work method, Extreme Programming, is the continuous integration of the new developments (or iterations) of the project, so we have to include tests on every project we have in order to check the backward compatibility, and the Android project is not an exception.

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