Coconet 1.0.2 is out!

Hi all!

We have a new release of Coconet, in this case the version 1.0.2. In this step I’ve finished the translations into english of all the code (global variables, functions and structs) and I’ve made some extra optimizations of the code (nothing important).

In the next days/weeks (I’ve to work and to advance in other projects :)) I’m going to port the project compilation process to autoconf and automake. I want also to start the refactoring of the code to remove at least some of the global variables and make some more important optimizations of it.

If you want to try the latest stable version you can download it from here, and if you want to checkout the code from the repository and collaborate with me please visit the github repository page.

Happy Hacking!!!

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Coconet 1.0.1 is out!

Hi all!

Today (well, actually yesterday :)) I’ve launched Coconet 1.0.1, the first step to modernize my ending project at the University. In this first step I’ve translated the comments and part of the code (it left the functions name and the data structures) into english and I’ve made some little optimizations. I’ve also structured a little bit the project, but I’ve to add some additional information.

My next steps are finishing the translation of all the code, make a review of all the code to enhace the design and optimize it, port the build of the project to autoconf and automake and make a simple web page of the project containing its basic information, some links to download the code (as a package and from the repository), …

If you want to try the latest stable version you can download it from here, and if you want to checkout the code from the repository and collaborate with me please visit the github repository page.

Happy Hacking!!!

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Latest adquisitions

Hi all!

I’m back from South America (I’ve been 6 weeks in Chile and Argentina) with some good and bad news. The bad new is that I’ve been stolen and I don’t have anymore some of my technical stuff, like a laptop, an external hard drive, a tablet and some other things. I’ve also lost some information, specially documentation and some projects of my studies and previous works.

The good thing is that I’ve to restore some of the things I’ve lost, so I bought a desktop computer and a netbook. The desktop computer is an AMD with 8 cores of 3.1GHz each, 8 GB of RAM, a 1 GB graphic card with hdmi output and a 120 GB SSD hard drive. Yes, it’s a great computer, so it’s going to stay with me for a really long time.

The other toy I’ve bought, the netbook, is an Asus eeepc of 10′ with two cores of 1.67GHz each, 1 GB of RAM and a hard drive of 250 GB, more than enough to have mobility and a real computer for my travels. I think that between the two toys I’m going to be very productive, so I hope you’ll see me more active in my projects and around here.

Happy Hacking!!!

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Geekphone Zero review

Hi all!

First of all, please apologize for not publishing anything in three months, but both because of work (with several travels in the middle) and personal projects I didn’t have so much time to write.

To celebrate my birthday (I’m 30!!!!) I’m going to write a review of my new cell phone, the Geekphone Zero. I got the phone at christmas and I’ve to say that I’m very happy with it, because it works pretty well (with some minor bugs related to the version of Android I’m using), having a great quality/price rate.

Its price is 165 euros free (without a phone company contract), a reasonable price to a smartphone with Android (a high-end smartphone cost perfectly 400-500 euros free), and with all your basics covered (wifi, usb, bluetooth, gps, …) and, with the last version of Android 2.3, it goes pretty smooth.

One of the major advantages of the phone is that you have root access, so you can update it without losing the warranty. In fact, the company work closely with the CyanogenMod group, so there is no problem to install new updates of the phone from the Cyanogen ROM application.

Happy Hacking!

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As you may now by now, this month had passed out three important figures in the Computer Science world: Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie and John McCarthy.

Steve Jobs is the most famous of them by the general public, but, at the same time, the less influential in the Computer Science world. His most important achieve has been to change the perception and use of the technology of a lot of people. He was capable of innovate and connect with the general public, but, in my point of view, he was wrong about oe essential thing, the openness of his products. During all his career, and specially during his last years, he has managed his products in a closed way (he even didn’t want to open the apple market to independent developers!) and I think he has missed the opportunity to really change the world if he would made free (as in freedom) at least any of his products.

Dennis Ritchie, as many of the articles has said about him, is one of the original hackers. His great contribution (with other hackers) to our world include the C programming language (probably the most used programming language of all the times) and the Unix Operating System (the same used by apple to develop Mac OS and used as a reference by Richard M. Stallman and Linus Torvalds to develop GNU/Linux). This is a perfect example of how a free software can influence in the world (remember that Unix, at the beginnig, was open, and was after its success when companies and organizations started to launch his own closed version of Unix).

The last one that have passed out is John McCarthy, creator of the Lisp programming language and of the term Artificial Intelligence. The Lisp programming language is less used than the C programming language, but it has been the most used programming language in Artificial Intelligence, in wich he is one of the major contributors. He also was the first to publicly suggest that computer time-sharing technology might lead to a future in which computing power and even specific applications could be sold through the utility business model.

We’re going to miss them and we’ll try to continue their work the better we can.


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