OSDL’s Mobile Linux Initiative

Aha, so OSDL has established a Mobile Linux Initiative. Many big names seem to be involved, but where’s the community? Imho, this initiative really has the potential of becoming a great committee where people will talk all the time and will decide to pass resolutions to decide to pass resolutions at the following meeting. I cannot see what kind of useful impact this initiative will have. The only thing I can forsee already is that Harald Welte will be much busier in the future. My advice to these big (and small) companies: If you really want to support GNU/Linux on embedded devices, check out the following websites. Even better, give’em developers there jobs. http://handhelds.org/ http://openembedded.org/ http://openzaurus.org/ http://familiar.handhelds.org/ http://gpe.handhelds.org/ http://pi-sync.net/ (to all the people in projects I did not list: sorry, but I don’t want to make this list to long). The guys in these projects haven been doing top-notch work a long time before you decided to jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late.