Jabber server: new SSL certificate

The SSL certificate for jabber.fsfe.org expired some days ago, so we just got a brand new certificate from CAcert.org.

When you connect to the jabber server, just accept the new certificate and your jabber client won’t complain anymore about an expired certificate.

Here you are the MD5 and SHA1 fingerprints of the new certificate:

MD5 Fingerprint=2A:69:EA:67:6C:F1:F3:E5:9D:80:BD:40:C0:F4:30:15
SHA1 Fingerprint=58:42:8D:EB:61:8D:E4:29:9F:21:CE:CE:26:2B:F2:87:75:CF:B8:BD

In case you have problems, please write to fellowship (at) fsfeurope (dot) org

Happy messaging!