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PostgreSQL 9 manuals

I’ve just published the PostgreSQL 9 Reference Manual (in 4 volumes) through my company Network Theory Ltd.

It’s over 1,600 pages, so proofreading it was quite a task! One of the side-benefits of publishing free software manuals is that I do get to know all the features of the software.

The main new PostgreSQL feature that I’ll be using is full text indexing, for a Django site I’m working on. I was previously running PostgreSQL 8.2 on my server and updated it to PostgreSQL 9 yesterday to get support for this. Thanks to the new pg_upgrade migration tool in PostgreSQL 9 that should also the last time I’ll need to do the full pg_dump/pg_restore upgrade (always a bit of a hassle on a large database).

Incidentally, for every volume of the manual sold I’m donating $1 to the PostgreSQL project. I was able to give over $2,000 from the sales of the previous edition for PostgreSQL version 8.