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Activity in the last 6 weeks

Last weeks I was especially focused to:

  • FSCONS . On 12 of November I traveled to Gotheborg, Sweeden to attend the GNUMeetings and Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit. I coordinated the FSFE participation there, meet new fellows and attended Website planning workshop.
  • FOSDEM coordinate with the team,  FSFE partitipation at FOSDEM 2010
  • Document Freedom Day I have been started to coordinate the next’s year edition and work together with FSFE team.
  • Other activities involving community building activities, brainstorming about new campaigns, search new ways to sell merchandise.

As an overview, in the next weeks I’ll work mostly on DFD 2010. Any feedback regarding the last 2 edition is welcomed :). Apart of  DFD 2010 I’ll continue working on FSFE community and campaign framework and I’ll blog about it in the first part of January.

Weekly Report – Week #1

It’s been a week and half since I arrived in Berlin and started my Internship at Free Software Foundation Europe. This is my first weekly report regarding my activity at FSFE.
First week I spent some time on getting introduced with the FSFE infrastructure and sitting up in Berlin, get used with the city, search for a flatroom :). Regarding my activity :

  • I spent some hours having discussions with Karsten (FSFE’s president) about FSFE campaigns, future campaigns and Romanian Free Software Community;
  • I had some brainstorm sessions with Matthias (Fellowship coordinator) about the future Free Software events in Europe: FOSDEM and DFD;
  • I booked my flight for Göteborg, Sweden, for FSCONS
  • I have been coordinating the participation of FSFE at FSCONS (Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit) with Matthias and other FSCONS organizers. FSFE will have there a full program with workshps and presentations: .
  • I started to think about FSFE participation at FOSDEM.
  • Those are the most important activities I’ve been working on.

Joining Free Software Foundation Europe (yay!)

Hello people! (Hallo Leute!)

Last week I joined Free Software Foundation Europe as intern in Berlin and I’m happy to spend my next 4 months working with FSFE team! This is the blog  where I’ll be writing during my Internship at FSFE (and afterwards). I will write mostly about my activity during my stay but also about topics related to Free Software policy and education. I’ll mainly work on community building activities, events and campaigns, that is: “bringing people and ideas together in order to make good things happen”!

This is my little intake on building the Freedom (freedom of software, freedom of the web and society freedom) which all we need.

Free Software! Free Society!