YacY gets an extraordinary press coverage

YacY is the brand new search engine, based on a peer-to-peer technology instead of a centralised one (see our press release here). Probably one of its best features is the flexibility, as the results of the research is not defined by a central authority, but by the community as a whole. Personally, I also like the idea by itself, because the whole system relies on a collaborative network, and its technology is based on Free Software.

FSFE’s press release was greeted very well by the press, and we obtained an extraordinary coverage, which is a GoodThing ®.

For instance, the story was reported by:

Concerning the blogosphere and the on-line news services, YacY was announced by Punto-Informatico (IT); Le Monde Informatique (FR); ComputerWorld (CZ); Korrespondent (UA); Kaldata (BG) IDG Now (BR); ComputerWeekly; ZDNET; japan.internet.com (JP); eWeekEurope (GB); PCWorld (MX); thing (GB); The Hindu (IN); Wired (IT); TheMarker IT (Israel), ITNews (SK); Ipon (HU); Forbes; the H-Open; Pro-Linux (DE); Heise (DE); NetworkWorld; Slashdot.