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Rains, pours, downtime

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

There’s a few things I learned today: One is that FreeBSD with UFS2 is a little slow when dealing with directories with over a million files in them. The KDE SVN — created way back in the SVN 1.4 or earlier days — is set up like that, with one flat directory structure. As a consequence, copying a SVN repo mirror from one place on the disk to another is rather slow. Moving it (within the same filesystem) would be a lot faster, but I wanted a copy. Second is that the EBN machine has grown SVN mirrors and experiments and KDE checkouts (of the whole thing) like mushrooms after rain. I’ll have to clean some of that up, not so much for the diskspace, but for tidyness. Third is that while copying three distinct million-file trees in parallel, your disk array will have a power hiccup, panicking the machine and leading to another two days of fsck. So more waiting for the EBN to come back — particularly annoying since I had the other virtual machines on the system back up and running, so that Sebas had his website back, the KDE4-Solaris packages were available again, and Claudia could share documents with the rest of the board.

Fourth is that Mystic Kriek is really quite tasty, in a pink-and-foamy-cherry-coke-with-alcohol kind of way.

Speaking of pink, I got word that my talk for Akademy has been accepted, with the condition that I must bring my pink whip. Paul Adams has nothing to do with that, I’m sure. However, I need to point out that I got a new whip in Kano last month, made of rolled up goat hide. White, plumed, a little bit more floppy than the nylon-core things we’re used to at Akademy. We’ll see how that turns out as a speaker motivational tool.

Extended downtime for EBN

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Overconfidence goeth before a fall, they say. The software upgrades on the EBN machine are taking a good deal longer than intended. Part of this is some unexpected trips I had to make, but mostly it’s just that 6.2-6.4-7.4-8.0 is a lot of buildworlds (which take surprisingly long!) and reboots, followed by the realization that the jails need upgrading too to work at all (although the ports may continue to work, the base system doesn’t).

All in all it’s just taking a lot longer than intended, but it’s coming back bit-by-bit, rest assured.

Also, I should say that Sun’s ILOM really rocks for remote management, since I needed a great deal of console access to get this done, and I don’t feel like sitting in a cold and drafty datacentre to do so — not with this ongoing hacking cough and headache, no sirree.