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Extended downtime for EBN

Overconfidence goeth before a fall, they say. The software upgrades on the EBN machine are taking a good deal longer than intended. Part of this is some unexpected trips I had to make, but mostly it’s just that 6.2-6.4-7.4-8.0 is a lot of buildworlds (which take surprisingly long!) and reboots, followed by the realization that the jails need upgrading too to work at all (although the ports may continue to work, the base system doesn’t).

All in all it’s just taking a lot longer than intended, but it’s coming back bit-by-bit, rest assured.

Also, I should say that Sun’s ILOM really rocks for remote management, since I needed a great deal of console access to get this done, and I don’t feel like sitting in a cold and drafty datacentre to do so — not with this ongoing hacking cough and headache, no sirree.

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