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Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Whoa, you blink and all of a sudden two weeks have gone by. This is probably related to ongoing health issues (I continue to be very susceptible to every cold germ out there) and by me focusing my attention on two things: the garden (weeding, planting out beets and sweet peas and weeding and watering and hoeing and picking the first strawberries of the season) and fixing up The api site is interesting because there’s so many different scripts involved, some historical, some broken; in addition the mechanisms for generating the dox themselves have changed over the years, so it’s not entirely trivial to generate new 3.5 documentation now. I copied over those archives I had and then tried to get KDE trunk (what will be KDE SC 4.5) up and running again. In the process I discovered a zillion broken links, got distracted by plenty of bad documentation, cursed perl from here to infinity, designed a rewrite of the tools in python and then got distracted by the garden again.

And then it was Father’s day, and I got a book titled “1001 languages”, which gives an overview of the world’s natural languages. Fun stuff, as it dives into grammatical and structural analysis of language groups as well.

Lest I blink again and not get around to blogging again before mid-july, I should add:
I'm going to Akademy
I’ll be giving a talk at Akademy about legal issues: where are we with the FLA, how do we see patents affecting KDE, what about copyright in general and where does KDE live in the landscape of Free Software and the Open Source world.