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Advocacy groups are starting to form

I have good news today: there are two Fellows that are activating Advocacy in Italy and Austria.  Madero has been working to adapt the Advocacy Project document in Italian and to the school he knows best.  Cristian is doing pretty much the same thing in Austria, although he didn’t use the name ‘advocacy’ (Disclaimer: I don’t read German very well).

I am going to help Madero setup the Italian advocacy group because he lives in the same city where I live. I would also like to help Cristian, but my German is not up to the task.  We can all discuss on the mailing list discussions at lists.fsfe.org or on the forum, whatever you prefer.

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  1. reinhard Says:

    Not only Christian

    Although it was Christian who brought the idea up, there are several Fellows in Austria working on that idea.

    Nevertheless, I would be really happy to see these Austrian efforts being joined with efforts in other countries. :-)


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