Weekly Report – Week #1

It’s been a week and half since I arrived in Berlin and started my Internship at Free Software Foundation Europe. This is my first weekly report regarding my activity at FSFE.
First week I spent some time on getting introduced with the FSFE infrastructure and sitting up in Berlin, get used with the city, search for a flatroom :) . Regarding my activity :

  • I spent some hours having discussions with Karsten (FSFE’s president) about FSFE campaigns, future campaigns and Romanian Free Software Community;
  • I had some brainstorm sessions with Matthias (Fellowship coordinator) about the future Free Software events in Europe: FOSDEM and DFD;
  • I booked my flight for Göteborg, Sweden, for FSCONS
  • I have been coordinating the participation of FSFE at FSCONS (Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit) with Matthias and other FSCONS organizers. FSFE will have there a full program with workshps and presentations: https://wiki.fsfe.org/FSCONS-FSFE .
  • I started to think about FSFE participation at FOSDEM.
  • Those are the most important activities I’ve been working on.

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