Road to Free Digital Society. New MOOC is launched.

New course about free software and free digital society is launched today:

Download Introduction video.


Week № Subject
Wk. 1 Introduction to the course. Human rights in Computing, Four Essential Freedoms. How do we define Software Freedom? What is GNU/Linux history? Why GNU? Introduction to the computational ideas patents.
Wk. 2 Threats to the Free Digital Society. We will go through the most dangerous threats to the Free Digital Society: SaaSS, Universal Backdoors, Censorship, Sharing, Precarity and more.
Wk. 3 Copyright and Copyleft: How to make software free? Copyright, Copyleft, non-Copyleft and weak Copyleft. Software licenses in the real world.
Wk. 4 Works of Authorship in the Free Digital Society. History, Philosophy, Practice. Discussion on the licenses to select for your works of authorship (including documentation)
Wk. 5 Digital lifestyle to support freedom. How can we contribute to the Free Digital Society? Practical steps on the way to the Free Digital Society.

Course is freely redistributable. When the first iteration is over (hence, all the videos and quizzes are tested on the first students) it will be published in Common Cartridge format. The goal is to distribute as wide as it is possible.

Help with translations and promotion is needed:

First iteration started today at Eliademy platform:

Join us there!