Tübix 2016: been there, and enjoyed it!

FSFE booth at Tübix 2016After the first Tübix in 2015, where FSFE has not yet been present, a lot of people recommended to us that we should be present there, too, in the next year. So this year, Björn and myself thought we’d give it a try. Together with our newly joined volunteer Daniel, we had a booth at Tübix 2016, which took place on 11 June in the rooms of University Tübingen.

We found Tübix very nice and well organised. It generally is very much focussed on talks (there were only three boths at the whole event), but that wasn’t really bad for us, because this brought more people to our booth :-). This year, I noticed too late that there is a whole bunch of social events around Tübix, so I didn’t plan any of them, but next year I certainly will.

We are already looking forward to coming again next year!