Mistrust in twitter future? Go for Mastodon

Late weeks has been full of notices around Twitter and Elon Musk. No need to compile how the things has been going. If the latest changes in its ownership makes you mistrusting the future of twitter (whenever the reason is) consider to join Mastodon. Mastodon is a social network decentralized, based on free software. There’re Read more »

What does Google knows about me?

I’ve translated into Spanish the original article What does Google knows about me? from the DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg, of course with his permission. So, if you’re familiar with Spanish you may read: ¿Qué sabe Google de mi? at my personal site. There’s a self-promotion in the original article, that’s true, what it’s also true Read more »

Article 13 may impact on open source code sharing

I’m pretty sure that if you’re concern about privacy, free software and rights on line you probably know what it’s this post about. An European directive about autorship in its Article 13 dictates some targets but does not concrete anything about how to implement it, this is the first problem. Most known threat for all Read more »