Mistrust in twitter future? Go for Mastodon

Late weeks has been full of notices around Twitter and Elon Musk. No need to compile how the things has been going.

If the latest changes in its ownership makes you mistrusting the future of twitter (whenever the reason is) consider to join Mastodon.

Mastodon is a social network decentralized, based on free software. There’re odds for sure, not so many people, you got to learn a new app and behaviour, more segmented interaction IMHO.

But there’re a pros very importants; privacy respectful, no selling personal data or meta-data, free software and not rule by a private company but for a community. One more reason (a big one for me) more focused content and higher quality, I would say.

Do you want to know more about Mastodon. Check this video Distributed social media – Mastodon & Fediverse Explained.

What does Google knows about me?

I’ve translated into Spanish the original article What does Google knows about me? from the DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg, of course with his permission.

So, if you’re familiar with Spanish you may read: ¿Qué sabe Google de mi? at my personal site.

There’s a self-promotion in the original article, that’s true, what it’s also true that most of the citizen doesn’t aware about how much amount of personal information and privacy are collected by Google (and to honor the truth, we may say the same about, Facebook, Twitter, and many others companies)

Hope it helps to improve citizen concern about privacy.

Article 13 may impact on open source code sharing

I’m pretty sure that if you’re concern about privacy, free software and rights on line you probably know what it’s this post about.

An European directive about autorship in its Article 13 dictates some targets but does not concrete anything about how to implement it, this is the first problem.

Most known threat for all of us is that all platforms have to monitorize what content is upload and examite if it’s infringin any existint copyright. The second problem is that we’re going to be under survilleance by the privates companies. This companies have to act a pseudo policy without any compensation (who is gonnna assume the cost? I guess we, users )

How does it affect me? if you’re a programmer and you share your code, let’s say at GitHub it affects you. If you’re an active member in the Internet, let’s say you’re improving Wikipedia also impacts you. If you’re a normal users that shares your personal video at Youtube… yes, it impacts you.

Even more, if don’t do any of this activities, you’re affected because the content you may access to would be lesser from now on. What’s is really important to me is that growing surveillance on every single activiy in the Internet. Its reverse is a lose of freedom spaces.

What can we do? Easy and simple, got to https://savecodeshare.eu/ and sign against this article. From there on, is up to you

First post, so exciting by the way

I can’t avoid to feel excitement by writting here.

For a long time I’ve been involved with IT, as a professional, as a personal hobby and, wich surprise few of my friends, as a ethical / social / civil option.

Related with this last option I’ve being concerned about the importance of  approach to the Internet should be developed and used. I rather prefer a people centered one instead of being a comercial one, or goverment regulated. It does not exclude a comercial profit or a mininal self-adopted standards.

No more chatter, these vagues few lines draw why I finally become a FSFE supporter and I encourage you to do so. It was a target for me become supporter… Done!