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Libre Laptops

The Local Group Zurich has started a new project called Freie Computer where we offer Laptops that run fully Libre. That does not only apply to the wireless chipset which often requires blobs to run, but also the BIOS itself. We have decided to stick with the Libreboot BIOS which does not come with any code that cannot be inspected, modified and shared.

The Laptops are refurbished and flashed by us. Some devices like the Lenovo X60 or the T60 can be flashed directly from the OS for first flash. Others like the Lenovo X200 require an external flasher and the right clips for the flash chip. We have spend some money to buy this equipment so we can now flash all supported variants.

As we do not need to earn money with this project, we can offer the Laptops for CHF 100 – CHF 300, depending on the model. We currently ship to Switzerland, Germany and Austria. For further information, please take a look at our homepage (German only). You can use the contact form to get in touch with us.