First European Coordinators meeting

European CoordinatorsIn order to promote Free Software even more efficiently and increase the reach of FSFE’s work across Europe, 22 Fellows from FSFE, coming from 10 countries, gathered on September 28-29 in Berlin for the first European Coordinators Meeting. During the week-end, team, country and group coordinators learned to know each other, exchanged views and good local practices, provided valuable feedback about FSFE’s campaigns and presented their numerous projects. Each coordinator brought his or her expertise and made it benefit everyone else.

Presentations covered a comprehensive range of issues important for the Fellowship. It included advocacy material and strategies; ideas and advise to organise successful events, to build, coordinate and make solid local communities grow; tools for communication and outreach; campaigns and workshops. All the presentations generated lively and valuable discussions. Feedback about the first coordinators meeting were excellent, I’m looking forward to the next one!