Certificate Pinning for GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs is where is spend most of my computer time. Using Emacs, I’m writing texts in general and this post in particular, I’m programming, I’m reading RSS feeds and news articles, I’m reading and writing e-mails. Emacs is highly customizable and extensible which is great, in general. However, in the past Emacs valued convenience [...]

Certificate Pinning with GnuTLS in the Mess of SSL/TLS

Lots of modern communication is “protected” from spying eyes and other criminals via an Internet standard called Transport Layer Security (TLS) or its outdated predecessor Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). In the following, I’m using the term “SSL/TLS” to refer to both of them. In a nutshell, SSL/TLS is a mess. It’s security has been, can [...]