Booting from USB with Grub2

I wanted to check out LiveUSB-OpenBSD, because I’m pondering about switching to OpenBSD for my daily desktop. However, my stubborn laptop acted up again and refused to boot from the USB drive I carefully put OpenBSD on. So I decided to take a trip down search engine lane and see what different ways there are Read more »

GNUstep on Trisquel Taranis

f you are like me and you’re running the excellent Trisquel Taranis you may have noticed that on AMD64 the vanilla GNUstep packages from the repo’s are broken. Ubuntu 10.04 has the same problem and I’ve read that this also occurs with certain Debian installations. Since a life without GNUstep seems pointless or at least very grim I’ve installed everything you need to run and compile GNUstep applications manually. Here I’ll describe the magic incantations I used.